Landguide's mission is to help make finding the perfect block of land, simple, efficient and enjoyable.

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Information should be easy to find

Think about the last time you wanted to search for a new block of land – Did you even know where to start? Did you waste weekends driving to sales offices only to find there was nothing available? If only you could compare locations without the frustration of out of date information scattered across sales offices, the internet and newspapers.

At Landguide, we’re building a place where all the block information from the size, price and location to the bigger estate and community features are available in the one place. The information provided is accurate, up to date and relevant so you can be sure if the lot you want is available; you’ll find it on Landguide.

All about you

Landguide presents a user friendly and visually engaging mapping interface that allows you to customise your search and focus only on what is important to you. With the powerful comparison tool you can be sure you will be finding the perfect location at the best price.

Our Story

Independence is confidence

Free from paid advertising, commission and hidden agendas, Landguide is 100% independent, putting the freedom to choose back in your hands. This transparency allows you to find the perfect location and make more informed decisions about where you want to live and grow.

Now and for the future

Choosing where to live is one of the biggest investments you will make; both now and for your future. Landguide visually combines environmental sustainability ratings, future town planning initiatives, points of interest and transportation allowing you to focus on the bigger picture, ensuring your long term investment.

Chris Bashall

Chris Bashall
Solution Architect

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Ben Pearse
Partnership Manager

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Mark Campbell
Customer Success Engineer