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Easy to list, easy to manage, easy to connect

Built from the ground up and independent from large real estate websites, Landguide was created to break the rules and reshape the way people search for land.


Make listing effortless


Return real value


Generate clear results


Landguide is a dedicated ”land first” platform designed to connect land sellers with land buyers. More than an online classifieds for real estate, We focus on one thing and that is presenting land to buyers better than any other online platform.

Easy to list

We take care of all the hassle in setting up your listings, standardise the data and integrate into our one-of-a-kind mapping system to present your development in all the colourful grandeur it deserves.

Easy to manage

Save time and money thanks to our easy to use management system. Automate your listing updates with industry leading API integrations, manage your listings manually or outsource the whole process to the Landguide team.

Easy to understand

Being a dedicated land platform we can offer the most comprehensive market analysis and customer behaviour compared with any other real estate platform. With a pricing model that is based on listing performance, understanding your investment is easier and fairer than ever.

Easy to connect

The Landguide search interface informs and educates buyers so that when they connect with you, it’s because they are serious about making a purchase. Best of all, we allow direct integration into your preferred customer relationship management tool making it easy to track and follow up with potential customers.