Congratulations to the following list of property blogs and podcasts that made our Top 55 List for Property Investing Authority Blogs.

As you know, there’s no shortage of property gurus online all claiming to have the tools you need to build financial freedom through property.

We decided to do the hard work for your and bring you the most up to date and actionable real estate blogs we could find.

In the list you will find property experts, real estate editorials, property forums, government agencies, investment associations and comprehensive coverage from the best property investment agencies in Australia.

Whether you are a first home buyer or seasoned property investor, these real estate blogs will give you highly actionable tools and techniques to get you into your first home or grow your property empire.


Independent Property Experts


1. Michael Yardney’s Property Update


If you are serious about property investing, success and developing a winning mindset, it is hard to go past Michael Yardney’s 40 years of experience carefully displayed at Property Update.

Rated the Number One property website in the world, Michael Yardney has assembled a team of property experts to give real world and actionable property investing advice.

Covering more than just property, you will also find case studies, motivational content and a commentary on what it takes to be successful.

If you take anything from this post, head over to Property Update sign up to Michael Yardney’s mailing list to receive daily insights from Australia’s leading property expert.


2. Property Investing


Steve McKnight has helped many thousands of Australians reach financial freedom through the power of property investing. A bestselling author and highly sought-after speaker, Steve McKnight brings you Property Investing.

If you are interested in a common sense and realistic approach to property investing that will get results, Property Investing and Steve McKnight are the team for you.

Thanks to regular property news and commentary section, a highly active forum with over 140,000 members and a well regarding training program, Property Investing is an exceptional place to start or continue your property investing journey.


3. Barefoot Investor Blog


While not strictly dedicated to property, what Scott Pape has done with the Barefoot Investor is quite remarkable.

No other investor has been able to make investing so accessible for the everyday Australian.

Bringing you simple and actionable advice from automated savings, building a share portfolio and buying property, make sure you add Barefoot Investor to your favourites bar, sign up to the newsletter and get a copy of the book.


4. Matusik Missive Property Blog


No frills, no self-promotion and no BS are what you will find on Michael Matusik’s Missive.

A property analyst with over 29 years’ experience, Michael Matusik brings you a straight-talking guide to understanding the property market and making strategic investment decisions.

Without the fluff, Matusik Missive is to the point, actionable and worth following. Make sure you sign up to the newsletter to avoid missing any insights that are captured on the blog.


5. Peter Wargent


With testimonials from some of the most respective property commentators in the country, Peter Wargent is someone you should be following if you are serious about understanding the property market.

More than that though, Pete will arm you with the tools you need to become a successful investor across multiple assets and how to harness compound interest to achieve your financial goals.

Peter has authored some incredibly actionable and realistic books which we highly recommend. To start, do yourself a favour and head over to the Blog and sign up to his Escaping The Rat Race newsletter.


6. Hottspotting by Terry Ryder


Terry Ryder has over 30 years’ experience researching and writing about property investment in Australia.

Founded in 2006, Hotspotting’s primary goal is to help you find the right place to buy or build a home, be it for personal or investment goals.

A wealth of resources will be made available to you at Hotspotting, including an up to date blog, regular podcast and the latest property news thanks to the Hotspotting newsletter.

If you are still looking to tap into Terry’s wisdom you can sign up to the exclusive property website or purchase one of the many reports written by Terry all available on Hotspotting.


7. Pfeiffer Property


Scott Pfeiffer has over 30 years of property finance and investment experience and he shares that experience with you in his easy to follow commentary on the property market and property investing strategies.

Pfeiffer also has a useable two part guide introducing the fundamentals of property investing, pitfalls to avoid and answers to many of the common questions you may be afraid to ask.

If you are keen to leverage Scott Pfeiffer’s wealth of knowledge, sign up to the newsletter or send an enquiry to take advantage of his full service property investing program.


8. Pure Property Investment


Founded by Paul Glossop, Pure Property Investment is passionate about bringing you independent property advice in a digestible format.

One of the unique things about the Pure Property Investing blog is it is in video format making it easy for you to stream award winning property investment advice at your leisure.

In the video blog, Paul covers topics ranging from buying your first property to growing your cash flow strategy. If you check out Pure Property Investment, make sure you make the most of the free top 50 suburb report.


9. Investment Property Expert


Chris Gray is the author of two books on building an effortless property empire, founder of Your Empire  buyer’s agency and host of Sky News’ Your Property Empire.

Through Investment Property Expert Chris demonstrates the power of property and makes it accessible to every day Australians.

Investment Property Expert will arm you with sound fundamentals for starting your investment journey as well as future proofing your investment strategy to ensure continued wealth creation from property.

Sign up to his newsletter to get the latest news and bulletins.




10. Kevin Turner’s Real Estate Talk


If you are looking for access to Australia’s leading property investment experts in a friendly and approachable format, then Kevin Turner’s Real Estate Talk podcast is essential listening.

With weekly podcasts taking you through property investment news, strategies and case studies you can tap into a wealth of knowledge 24 hours a day.

Make sure you subscribe to the Real Estate Talk podcast through your chosen podcast streaming service so you never miss an update from the voice of property investing.


11. The Property Couch


Hosted by Bryce Holdaway and Ben Kingsley from Empower Wealth Advisory, The Property Couch was born out of the need to bring Australian property investors simple and easy to follow property investing advice.

It is not hard to see why the podcast has grown so fast since launch, as each week Ben and Bryce bring you speak with other property experts to bring you the best advice in property investment.

If you are looking for a place to start, we recommend starting at the very first episode and moving up from there.

Beyond the podcast, at the Property Couch you will find a large array of free resources which you can download to build your toolkit of excellent property investment guidance.


12. On Property


Ryan McLean is here to simplify and demystify property investing for you and set you on the path to financial freedom.

With a unique approach Ryan answers questions from his community of property investors to give you answers to questions you may have been too scared to ask.

By combining a blog and podcast with audience driven content, you can be sure On Property is fresh and with the latest property investing and goal setting advice that you can immediately put into action.


13. Everyday Property Investing


At Everyday Property Investing you will get down to earth,  straightforward property investing advice from Karen Young as the host of Australia’s top property investing podcast.

You will find some very useful content in the blog section which covers topics such as goal setting, market research, property buying and property development, as well as tips on cashflow generation and negative gearing.

Karen Young also is a principal at Property Zest where you can find additional support to help you on your property investing journey.


14. Your Property Success


Jane Slack-Smith has walked the walk and at Your Property Success, Jane takes you through the same low risk, practical property investing strategies she used to build a multi million dollar property portfolio.

After writing about her successes in best selling book, Jane continues educating you through her podcast, video series and newsletter. If you want to learn more from someone who has been where you are, then Jane’s advice is hard to go past.




15. CoreLogic


CoreLogic is where the professionals go to get the latest in property data, trends and expert analysis.

Boasting coverage of 98% of the Australian property market Core Logic brings you the most powerful property insights and analytics available, anywhere.

Subscribing to the Core Logic newsletter is a must for any property investor regardless of experience. Becoming familiar with how to interpret data and trends is a necessary skill and it is never too late to start. The benefit, you can make more informed and better buying decisions on your journey to wealth.


16. Property Observer


Property Observer was co-founded by Johnathan Chancellor, a property writer with over 25 years experience, with the purpose of offering independent commentary for investors to help them make informed property investment decisions.

If you are just starting out head to the forward planning section for advice on setting up an investment strategy. Still conducting Research? At Property Observer you will find suburb profiles, trending markets and the latest details on policy changes.

No matter what stage of the investment journey you are in, Property Observer has you covered.


17. Property News from On the House


The home for property research, On the House provides property news and trends from across the nation to help you make more informed property investment decisions.

This one is probably for the more advanced property investor, that being said, novice investors will still benefit from keeping up to date with the latest property news.

With data powered by Residex, a nice tool for investors is the Research a Suburb search which allows you to explore a suburb’s investment potential.

Definitely something to keep in mind before making any future buying decisions.


18. Real Estate Investar Blog


Run by a team of 25 staff all passionate about property investing, Real Estate Investar aims to educate its readers and members to invest better.

The Real Estate Investar team certainly aim to educate readers to invest better with useful posts on how to set investment goals, market trends and insights, on-demand webinars and training videos.

If you are looking for more in depth support, make sure you review their Pro and Premium subscriptions to help you fast track your property investment goals.


19. SQM Research


If you are looking for independent, impartial real estate analysis then look no further than Louis Christopher and the team of experts at SQM Research.

SQM Research will arm you with the latest in property related advice, financial research and all the recommendations you need for successful property investing and property development.

Beyond their weekly newsletter, you can download free reports on property prices, listings, vacancy rates, demographics.

For advanced property investors looking for more detailed analysis, you can download one of Louis’ research reports or sign up to SQM Research’s desktop home valuation tool. Highly recommended.


20. Your Investment Property Magazine


If you are serious about educating yourself on how to become a successful property investor, you should make yourself familiar with Your Investment Property Magazine.

Leveraging the expertise of the most sought-after property experts, you will find independent market reviews, comprehensive research articles and some of the most practical investment advice you can find.

With up to date news, free resources and an active investor forum, Your Investment Property mag will give you all the tools you need to become a proactive property investor.


21. Smart Property Investment


As its name implies, Smart Property Investment will educate you on all things property investing to help you make smarter property investment decision.

A one stop shop that you can go to for the latest property news, expert advice, research tools, strategy guides and finance tips to help you grow your property portfolio.

Smart Property Investment also has three unique podcasts which are designed to provide you with digestible advice which you can implement immediately.

Complete with success stories and case studies, Smart Property Investment is a highly recommended and comprehensive resource on property investing.


22. The Real Estate Conversation


The Real Estate Conversation understands that the Australian Dream is built on a foundation of property and home ownership.

Covering residential property, the Real Estate Conversation is produced in association with the Real Estate Institute of Australia and takes contributions from industry leaders and real estate professionals across the country.

With coverage on interest rates, regulations, exclusive data and a free daily newsletter; the Real Estate Conversation will keep you savvy property investors up to date with the latest industry news.


23. Australian Property Investor


Australian Property Investor is an incredible resource for homebuyers, property investors and property investors. Boasting core expert partners in the fields of finance, taxation, property education, building, development, property management, valuations and more, Australian Property Investor has you covered.

Make sure you sign up to the Australian Property Investor newsletter for the latest in property research, policy changes, and expert opinions on residential, commercial and industrial property.




24. Property Chat


Property Chat is Australia’s most respected property investment community and is host to a wealth of user generated information.

The important thing about Property Chat is it connects like minded people with people who have experienced the ups and downs of property investment first hand.

Free from any commercial interest or intent you can ask the most basic of questions and get great responses from one of the 11,000 plus members.

If you are after real world, independent property investment advice, create an account and start browsing the forum.


25. Australian Property Forum


Looking for answers to your property investing questions and unable to find them online?

Try taking a look through the Australian Property Forum for guidance. The Australian Property Forum has active discussions which range from national and global real estate markets, how to conduct effective research, timing the property market and proven property investing strategies.

If you still cannot find the answer you are looking for, sign up to the forum and ask one of the 1,100 plus active members for advice.


26. InvestChat


InvestChat is an Australian Investment and Wealth Management community which covers property investing and much much more.

If a holistic approach to investing and wealth creation is what you are interested in, then take a read through one of the many active threads on investing strategies, money management, real estate, shares and funds and business building.

Surrounding yourself with like minded people is one of the keys to success and at InvestChat you will find 3,600 of them waiting to help you with your investment questions.




27. ASIC’s Money Smart Property Investing Guide


Brought to you by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission, the Money Smart Property Investing guide will take you through the high-level steps to getting your own investment property.

The great thing about ASIC is they are set up to protect investors like you from falling victim to dodgy schemes.

In the guide you will see tips and videos on how to fall victim of investment scams, the pros and cons of property investing and some handy tools which you can use today.




28. Australian Investors Association


The Australian Investors Association is an excellent resource for investors at all stages of their investing journey.

It does not matter your reasons for investing, how you are thinking of investing or where you are looking to invest, the AIA can help you build skills to grow the financial future you always dreamed of achieving.

With their free education section you can make your way through investment basics, fixed interest, shares, property and portfolio management.

Regardless of where, why and through which structure you invest, the AIA can help you develop the skills to take ownership of your financial future.


29. Property Investment Association of Australia


The Property Investment Association of Australia is a not for profit association for property investment advice professionals.

Don’t worry if you are not a property investment professional (yet), the PIAA has an extensive database which you can browse and contains news, articles, videos and of course a blog which even the most regarded property investors utilise.

It also helps to familiarise with the PPIA and their role as you may end up seeking advice from a property investment professional later on in you property investment journey.




30. Blog


It is no surprise that the giant that is would have some useful guides for property investors.

With getting started guides for the novice investor through to technical explanations for the would-be property mogul, the investing guide will help you at each stage of your property investing journey.

The wider blog provides useful insights on property trends, finance news and housing marketing information. has easy to navigate interface with sections dedicated to research, negative gearing, capital gains, depreciation, yields or investment mortgages.

A one stop shop, learn about property investing then put the tips into action and search their listings for your next property.


31. Real Estate Institute of Western Australia Investor Guide


Aside from providing extensive coverage of the Western Australian property market the REIWA website also offers 40 articles dedicated to property investing in Western Australia.

With useful tips on how to search for a suitable property including suburb profiles, tax advice, guidance for landlords and detailed discussion about the property cycle, REIWA is an essential website to start you property investing journey in Western Australia.

You can also browse listed properties, sell your own and research house and land packages.


32. Domain Investing Advice


Domain has a great advice section on their website to help you with all your property investing needs.

With the luxury of leveraging its property listing database, Domain can give you sound insight into suburb trends and market movements.

With posts typically written by guest bloggers, you can be sure that Domain is bringing you expert advice to help you into your first or tenth investment property.


33. Real Estate View Beginner’s Guide To Investing


Real Estate View’s beginner guide is targeted with the novice investor in mind.

If that is you then keep reading as Real Estate View brings you a neat little guide on getting started in property and some high level steps that you can take now to plan your investment strategy.

It is a good introduction and when you are ready to start research you can easily head over to their buy section to browse listed real estate. The news section of the sight will also keep you up to date with the latest property news.




34. Property Investing has a nice guide which has absolutely everything you need to know about property investing.

Split up into six sections, the Finder property guide is designed mostly with the novice in mind but also manages to sneak in some useful strategies which seasoned property investors can utilise to maximise the return on their investment property. Having an exit strategy for example.

Finder also has an up to date blog dedicated to property market and investment news.


35. MOZO



MOZO is Australia’s money saving zone, an award-winning comparison website which exists to help you quickly compare banking and insurance products to best suit your investment goals.

More than that though, through their blog, MOZO bring you some neat guides for investing in property, understanding the money market and making decisions that will save you money (and grow your wealth) in the long term.




36. Empower Wealth Advisory Blog


Ben Kingsley and Bryce Holdaway bring their excellent real estate pedigree to the Empower Wealth Blog.

Keeping the focus on simplicity and hard work, Ben and Bryce are determined to make you wealthy through the power of property.

Incredibly approachable for investors of all levels, with a great blog that covers property investment, property research and money management, Empower Wealth also provide a great education series which you can move through at your own pace.

For more in depth support, you can engage Empower Wealth directly to really accelerate your property investment growth.


37. Pumped on Property


If the thought of wealth creation and financial independence excites you, then look no further than the Pumped on Property blog by Ben Everingham.

Founded after building his own multimillion dollar property portfolio, Ben and his team share their expertise to help get you into the market sooner and realise your own wealth creation dreams.

With an active blog, regular newsletter, free strategy sessions and a full service buyer’s agency at their disposal, Pumped On Property is one to check out.


38. Momentum Wealth


Momentum Wealth is an award winning property investment company in Perth founded by Damian Collins.

With regular commentary on the Perth Property market, Damian and the team at Momentum Wealth bring you sensible and realistic property investment and wealth creation advice.

Not convinced, then take a look at the testimonials page and download the property investing masterclass podcast which in 10 episodes guides you through the fundamentals of property investing from property research to portfolio growth.


39. Integrity Property Investment Blog


Daimien Patterson brings you a blog which aims only to bring you trustworthy and realistic investment advice (that means no BS!)

Integrity Property Investment is a full service property investing firm and the blog run by Daimien provides education, research and the guidance you need to become a successful property investor.

Download the free ebook and sign up to a webinar to see what Integrity Property Investment is all about.


40. Metropole Property Strategists


Metropole is the multi -award property investment agency that was founded by Michael Yardney back in 1979.

With success that spans 30 years, the Metropole blog taps into the leading independent property advice curated by Michael Yardney and the 50 strong team of property professionals.

If you are interested in a holistic approach to wealth creation from goal setting and building a strong mindset to proven strategies for generating long term capital growth and financial freedom, treach out to the team at Metropole for a free consultation.


41. Binvested


The founders of Binvested, Nathan Birch and Daniel Young, are not here to spruik or promise you instant wealth.

They formed Binvested to give you no BS, to the point and actionable approach to property investing to help you achieve the life you want and best of all to ‘exit the matrix’.

At the blog you will find the latest in property news and tips for investors and share their strategies to help you find properties that are below market value, have capital growth potential and best of all are positively geared.

Make sure you download their Exit The Matrix ebook which is an essential guide showing you how to leverage the power of property investing to live life on your own terms.


42. Real Wealth Australia


Helen Collier-Kogtevs and Ed Kogtevs from Real Wealth Australia were just like you, starting out a property investment journey without knowing how far it could take them.

After building their own success, Helen, Ed and the team at Real Wealth Australia share their insights with you – with free resources that include real success stories, podcasts, videos and commentary on property news.


43. Custodian


Custodian was founded by John Fitzgerald, a renowned and successful property expert over 30 years’ experience in residential and commercial property investment.

With the mission of educating and empowering everyday Australians on the true potential of real estate investment and a mantra that land is the foundation of all wealth.

You will learn about the 7 Steps to Wealth strategy which is John’s proven plan to build wealth through property investment.

Grab yourself a copy of the free ebook to learn more.


44. Positive Real Estate Blog


Property investing requires the right attitude and a mindset focused on success.

Jason Whitton, founder of Positive Wealth Real Estate, knows all about mindset, is passionate about education and will give you the keys to long term wealth creation.

If you view property investing as a short term game, you are doomed to failure which is why Positive Real Estate focuses on the long game.

With an active blog and 15 years of experience, Jason and the team at Positive Real Estate can help you with expert advice and put you on the right path to wealth creation.


45. The Property Mentors


Matt Bateman and Luke Harris founded The Property Mentors after successfully building financial freedom through the power of property.

Together they have built a team of experienced mentors who share their own unique property investing experience with property investors of all experience levels.

The Property Mentors website is stacked with many great resources that include free ebooks, video guides, a unique and practical blog as well as an exclusive newsletter revealing insider tips on the Australian property market.


46. Ironfish


Ironfish want you to succeed as a property investor.

Establishing themselves as an industry leader in helping everyday Australians secure financial security, Ironfish have some great resources you can tap into to help build your property investment strategy.

More than that though, Ironfish’s founder, Joseph Chou is passionate about helping you create the life you want through property and a positive mindset.

With offices all over the country, Ironfish can help you with a national view on property investing.


47. Calla Property Blog and Education Material


Calla Property is the award winning property investment firm run by property expert Susan Farquhar who takes a research driven approach to property investment.

The blog is full of educational and actionable content which you can use to supplement your own investment strategy.

Not only focused on investment strategies and market insights, the Calla Property blog will help you with goal setting and asking the right questions.


48. Investors Edge Real Estate Blog


Jarrad Mahon is passionate about property investing.

With the current focus on the eastern states property market, Jarrad gives great insights on Western Australia through his monthly video updates.

At the Investors Edge website you will also find some useful tools such as free suburb reports, case studies and webinars. Jarrad is very active in the Perth property investment scene and can provide more personalised strategies.


49. Simple Property Investment


Simple Property Investment was founded by Nick Holden, a certified property investment professional with the aim of giving simple, effective and independent property investment advice to those looking to enter the market.

The news and articles on Simple Property Investment centre on their seven step process that takes you from understanding your unique situation through to financing and purchasing wealth creating properties.

Simple Property Investment also offer a paid service which you can look into if you like the advice they present on their website.


50. Infinite Wealth


Tim Guest is a well-known  and respected investor, financial educator and entrepreneur.

In founding Infinite Wealth Tim has assembled a 30 strong team to help you achieve financial freedom.

Focusing on financial education, Tim and his team will give you the tools you need to set up a quality investment portfolio that extends beyond property and helps you realise your strategic retirement goals.

Over at the news section, Tim and his team curate very approachable content with punchy tips that you can put into action immediately.


51. Property Planning Australia Blog

David Johnson is the Property Planner.

Author of two books on how to succeed at property investing for wealth creation, David and the team at Property Planning bring you grounding advice and educational content to help you break down the property investing into four actionable steps.

Free to use content includes a regular blog, video education and podcast episodes which you can stream at your own convenience.


52. Open Corp

Open Corp has a great growth story.

What started out as a small side project grew into a large property investment agency with its own property fund you can invest into – making the advice the OpenCorp team can give you very unique.

Drawing from the experience of 80 property experts, at OpenCorp you will find blog posts, articles, videos and downloadable guides all designed to help you at every stage of your investment journey.


53. Property Resource Shop


Matt Jones has a fantastic story about how he went from first time property investor to financially free and doing what he loves in just a few short years.

It highlights to you the importance of setting goals and working hard on your property investment dream. On the Property Resource Shop blog, Matt includes some in depth content ranging from evaluating a property deal through to renovating for profit.

If you are looking for a place to start, be sure to read through Matt’s 10 step plan for starting your property investing career.


54. Cashflow Capital

Spiro Kladis from Cashflow Capital draws upon personal experience to provides an honest commentary on the property market, niche investment strategies and the state of the economy.

Forget negative gearing, the key theme of the blog is to show investors that generating positive cash flow from property is possible with the right strategy and right attitude.


55. Worth Property Investing Blog

Worth Property Investing was founded by Simon Read, a successful property investor who brings you his hard-earned experience to help you build your own property portfolio.

If you are a first-time or long-time property investor, the Worth Property Investing blog will give you high level research advice and strategies you can implement straight away.

Like what you read? reach out to the team who offer more personalised advice for investors.